FAST & Efficient

The only thing you have to worry about when you sponsor a giveaway is how many notifications you're going to get. The process is simple and efficient. GridGamingIO was founded for those who want to give back and grow and not pay tens of thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars.

  • 1) Sign-in With Twitter

    Registration takes seconds. The account you sign in is the account the giveaway will launch with.

  • 2) Choose your package

    Pick up a kit that works best for you. Bigger the better!

  • 3) Get Cleared Hot

    An admin will move your status into "cleared-hot" which gives you the ability to launch giveaways on your own!

  • Launch Your Giveaway

    4) Visit the launch pad and start your giveaway. You are in control!

  • 5) Winner Selection

    Our code automatically selects a winner and replies to the original tweet with the update!

  • 6) Winner Paid

    Finally, the winner is paid and updated in your dashboard. Nothing left for you to do but enjoy your new friends!

Give back & grow

People spend thousands of dollars on advertising, but the most powerful way to influence is to give back to the community. GridGaming was founded with love for the community after DNP3 spent hundreds of thousands of dollars doing giveaways. His first giveaway was for $300 and earned 39 retweets. After nearly $200,000 spent he thought there has to be a better way, so he started a sponsor program to help up and coming content creators. GridGamingIO is the next evolution of that process. We take care of everything, so you can focus on content creation.


Easier than joining a lottery ticket and free. Follow tweet instructions & win cash. All from the convenience of your phone!

Free to enter

All giveaways are free to enter. Sponsors pay for a time slot and participants enter for a chance to win cash while checking out the sponsor.


Giveaways ran by GridGaming are 100% transparent with winners announced on Twitter. You pay the fee and we take care of the rest.

Detailed stats

Statistics are recorded within the grid. Sponsors can check growth and users can check participation!